Our demo is fairly self-explanatory. There are several categories across the top of the screen. After clicking one of these categories, you will see a text box on the left of the screen. At the bottom of that box are two button: Get new text and Score text.

When clicking on Get new text, the program selects a snippet of text from a larger work not used in the development of the algorithm. When you get new text, the tool scores it and provides the output in a new box on the right hand side of the screen.

The lengths of the horizontal bars represent the degrees of confidence that the text is authored by one of the available options. A yellow bar shows the most likely match. The vertical green line represents a confidence interval of two standard deviations. To the right of the output box are the numbers 1 (best fit) to 3, enumerating the three most likely matches.

Highlighting a subset of the text in the left panel simply performs the scoring function against the highlighted text. You can also paste in text from any source (e.g. Yahoo News) and click the Score text button.